“Fripperies in Miniature” is a line of elegant one-of-a-kind twelfth scale accessories – each item crafted using original graphics and luxe materials: vivid silks and velvets, imported laces, kid leather and brilliant glass beads from Europe and Swarovski crystal – and incorporating antique elements: vintage fabrics, jewelry findings, beading and crystals evoking past times when all ladies were fashionable, graceful and feminine.

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Pat Franks

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Once upon a time – when I was a very little girl – I was entranced by a clock my grandmother kept on her mantle. It was in the shape of a cottage with a timepiece on one side and on the other, a little grandma sleeping in her rocker. The little grandma rocked with each tick of the seconds – I was mesmerized! Thus, began my fascination with all things tiny and charming.

My love affair with miniatures has been on and off again since then. I built my daughter a doll house, then refurbished and redecorated it several times. I built her another one and then I built a the Foxhall Manor – a 15 room doll house completely furnished with high-end furnishings and many artisan items.

During my last rendezvous with “minis”, I decided to build and outfit a Victorian millinery shop. It was stocked with my own hats which I enjoyed designing and crafting so much I found that I was unable to stop! Many of my creations were sold on eBay and in miniature shops. I believe my biggest compliment and best testimony to my work is that so many people were repeat buyers.

The items I craft are a natural development of my love of history, reading, miniatures and a genuine appreciation of a time when a new hat could make just about anything better!

Once again, I am revisiting the world of miniatures I hope you will join me!


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